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Click here to submit credits for the 2022-2024 reporting period: July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2024


Important Rules to Consider Before Submitting

  • Administrative Rule 6.05(c) states that “[n]o more than half of the total required mandatory continuing legal education requirements may be satisfied by pre-recorded presentations that do not offer an interactive component.”  Please note that this limitation has NOT been waived for the 2022-2024 reporting period.  The previous waiver of this limitation only applied to the 2020-2022 reporting period. Attorneys must achieve half of the total required CLE credits by a means other than pre-recorded presentations for the 2022-2024 reporting period.
  • Administrative Rule 6.08(d)outlines the basic approval standards for a CLE course and it states “(t)o be approved, a course shall have significant intellectual or practical content; it shall deal primarily with matter directly related to the practice of law (which includes professional responsibility and office practice); it shall be taught by persons who are qualified by practical or academic experience in the subjects covered and must include the distribution of high quality written materials pertaining to the subjects covered.” In accordance with the requirements outlined in this rule, the Individual Course Approval Application requires an attorney to attach (1) a detailed, timed agenda (so that credit requests can be calculated and course content can be verified); (2) speaker bios (so that speaker qualifications can be verified) and (3) written course materials for a course. Please make sure that you have all of these attachments before submitting an application for CLE credit. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. If any of the attachments are too large for the application size limitations, they can be emailed directly to the Compliance Coordinator at but the CLE course approval application itself must still be submitted via the online member portal.
  • Administrative Rule 6.09(j) provides that simultaneous electronic synchronous broadcasts (which are essentially LIVE, fully interactive webcasts) can be approved/reported as live attendance credit if the courses otherwise meet the CLE approval standards.  You must be attending the webcast live, it must be designed for interaction among a group of attorneys, and you must have the ability to interact with the speakers and ask questions.