Status Change Request

Status change requests cannot be requested in advance. Please select today's date.

Inactive Membership Requirements

  • Each inactive member is required to pay the $100 annual inactive membership fee to the State Bar.
  • Before you can be returned to Active status, any unpaid annual Inactive Fees and penalties for prior years must be received by The State Bar.   
  • Inactive fees are waived for members of the Bar who are 70 years of  age or older.
  • Inactive members have no MCLE or reporting requirements related to financial responsibility and IOLTA.   
  • Inactive members can not practice law in the State of West Virginia.
  • Inactive members retain no membership voting rights.

Active But Not Practicing Requirements

  • Active But Not Practicing dues are $250.
  • Active But Not Practicing members have no MCLE requirements.
  • Active But Not Practicing members can not practice law in the State of West Virginia.
  • Active But Not Practicing members retain their membership voting rights.

To return to active status a person previously enrolled as an active member of the State Bar who is an active non-practicing or an inactive member of the State Bar, administratively suspended by the State Bar, or suspended or disbarred by the Supreme Court of Appeals, shall demonstrate that they have completed:


  • Twelve (12) credits of approved MCLE, three(3) credits of which must be in legal ethics, law office management, attorney well-being or elimination of bias in the legal profession credits.
  • All 12 credits can be obtained by online/video tape and must be obtained in the 12 months immediately preceeding the application to change to active status.
  • Memberships will not be placed on an "active" status until active membership fees are paid, this form is submitted and the appropriate approved MCLE credits are received and processed by our office.
  • We currently operate our MCLE on a two year reporting period during which you must obtain a total of 24 credits, 3 of which must be in legal ethics, law office management, attorney well-being or elimination of bias in the legal profession. You will have the remainder of the reporting period to obtain the other 12 credits which you need to fulfill your full MCLE requirement for our current reporting period. If you have further questions regarding CLE, you may contact or 304.553.7238.
Financial Responsibility Disclosure (FRD )
Are you exempt from the provisions of this Rule because you are engaged in the practice of law as a full-time government lawyer or in-house counsel and do not represent clients outside that capacity?
Are you engaged in the private practice of law and represent clients?
I am currently covered by professional liability insurance with limits of not less than $100,000 per claim and $300,000 policy aggregate covering generally insurable acts, errors and omissions occurring in the practice of law, other than the extended reporting endorsement.
If your answer to question number 3 was NO, advise whether you have another form of adequate financial responsibility/funds available in the form of a deposit in a financial institution of cash, bank certificates of deposit or United States Treasury obligation, a bank letter of credit or a surety or insurance company bond to cover errors and omissions occurring in the practice of law in an amount not less than $100,000 to satisfy any liability arising from such errors or omissions and describe with reasonable particularity the funds.
Do you have any unsatisfied final judgment(s) after appeal against either you or any firm or professional corporation in which you have practiced, for acts, errors or omissions including, but not limited to, acts of dishonesty, fraud or intentional wrongdoing arising out of the performance of legal services?
IOLTA Information
Are you exempt from the provisions of Administrative Rule 10? To determine exemptions from the requirements see Administrative Rule 10. WV licensed attorneys who have their primary place of business outside of WV should also see the Operating Regulations of the IOLTA Program.
Do you currently have an IOLTA Account that you use for clients funds? (An interest or dividend-bearing trust account for nominal or short-term client deposits, with interest or dividends that are payable to The West Virginia State Bar, in compliance with Administrative Rule 10)

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Succession Planning

Rule 14 of the WV State Bar Administrative Rules requires you to designate your succession planning status if you are a sole practitioner. Click here to view Rule 14- Succession Planning.

Are you practicing law as a sole practitioner?