Pro Hac Vice Admission Case List

Posting on the Pro Hac Vice list does not signify Pro Hac Vice admission, but only that the required submission and fee have been tendered to the West Virginia State Bar. Decisions whether to grant or deny Pro Hac Vice motions are not made by The West Virginia State Bar, but by the tribunal to which the motion was submitted.

Submission Date Civil Action Number Responsible Local Attorney Tribunal Out-of-State Lawyer Names(s) File Attachment Dismissal Order Payment Status Submission Status
04/08/2015 15-C-22 Debra Lee Allen Raleigh County Circuit Court Laura Hartnett Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/08/2015 14-C-2250 John Greg Goodykoontz Kanawha County Circuit Court Henry Billingsley II Attachment Paid: $350.00 Closed
04/07/2015 2:15-cv-03298 U.S. Southern District Court Vincent Barbera Esq. Paid: $358.00 Complete
04/07/2015 13-c-159 Jerri Jeaneen Legato McDowell County Circuit Court Aaron Dias Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/06/2015 15-C-78 Mark Jenkinson Jefferson County Circuit Court Gregory Hopper Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/06/2015 13-C-91 Joseph Michael Ward Ohio County Circuit Court Katelyn Matscherz Esq. Attachment Paid: $350.00 Closed
04/02/2015 14-C-209 April Joy Wheeler Marshall County Circuit Court Seth V Jackson Esq. Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/02/2015 14-C-209 April Joy Wheeler Marshall County Circuit Court Wm. Gerald McElroy Jr. Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/01/2015 13-C-667 Charles Allen Linn Cabell County Circuit Court Lee Hutton Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/01/2015 15-C-62-K David A. Barnette Raleigh County Circuit Court Jonathan Kamin Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/01/2015 14-C-209 Marshall County Circuit Court Mark Plevin Esq., Margot Green Esq. Paid: $716.00 Complete
04/01/2015 14-C-209K Marshall County Circuit Court Abigail Rocap, Bruce Engel, Zhanna Plotkin Attachment Paid: $1074.00 Closed
03/31/2015 2:13-cv-04480 Joshua C. Dotson U.S. Southern District Court Bryan Pratt, Matthew Larsen Attachment Paid: $700.00 Closed
03/31/2015 14-C-80 Jackson County Circuit Court Daniel Cray Paid: $358.00 Complete
03/30/2015 1:15-cv-00049-IMK James F. Companion U.S. Northern District Court Amy A Wigmore, Tracey C Allen Attachment Paid: $716.00 Closed
03/30/2015 12-C-141 Alvin L. Emch Boone County Circuit Court Thomas Sullivan Attachment Paid: $350.00 Closed
03/27/2015 14-C-102 KAN Kanawha County Circuit Court Aaron L. Heckaman, Jessica VanRooy, Duffy Randolph Reagan Attachment Paid: $1050.00 Closed
03/26/2015 2:14-cv-31400 Ancil G. Ramey U.S. Southern District Court Harry Lee, Conor P Brady Attachment Paid: $716.00 Closed
03/26/2015 14-C-2791 John L. MacCorkle Wood County Circuit Court Dan L Gendreau Esq. Attachment Paid: $350.00 Closed
03/24/2015 15-c-22-K Robert E. Ryan Raleigh County Circuit Court Scott Brady, William E. Brown Esq. Attachment Paid: $716.00 Closed
03/23/2015 14-c-1537 Kanawha County Circuit Court Kyle Lindskog Paid: $358.00 Complete
03/23/2015 15-c-163 J. Victor Flanagan Kanawha County Circuit Court L. Andrew Watson, T. Nicholas Goanos Attachment Paid: $700.00 Closed
03/20/2015 14-C-80 Jackson County Circuit Court Peter Goss Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
03/20/2015 EAREP 141-15 Human Rights Commission John Roslansky Paid: $358.00 Complete
03/20/2015 3:13-cv-6529 Niall A. Paul U.S. Southern District Court Stephen Fearon Jr. Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed