Pro Hac Vice Admission Case List

Posting on the Pro Hac Vice list does not signify Pro Hac Vice admission, but only that the required submission and fee have been tendered to the West Virginia State Bar. Decisions whether to grant or deny Pro Hac Vice motions are not made by The West Virginia State Bar, but by the tribunal to which the motion was submitted.

Submission Date Case Numbersort ascending Responsible Local Attorney Tribunal Out-of-State Lawyer Names(s) File Attachment Dismissal Order Payment Status Submission Status
05/10/2019 cc-02-2019-c-114 Keith Bernard Lively Berkeley County Circuit Court Andrew Paul Barlow Paid: $358.00 Closed
08/26/2019 CC-02-2019-C-114 Thomas V. Flaherty Berkeley County Circuit Court Michael D Sullivan, Kaitlin M Gurney, Chad Russell Bowman Paid: $1050.00 Closed
03/12/2018 CC-02-2018-P-93 Barry P. Beck Berkeley County Circuit Court Daryl Edwin Christopher Esq. Paid: $358.00 Closed
01/28/2019 CC-02-2018-C-90 Charles F. Printz Jr., William Lee Burner Berkeley County Circuit Court Steven Scott Biss Paid: $358.00 Closed
05/20/2020 CC-02-2018-C-427 James Paul Tomasik Berkeley County Circuit Court Coleman Jon Braun Paid: $358.00 Closed
09/04/2018 CC-02-2018-C-181 Michael Shawn Bailey Berkeley County Circuit Court Eric Joseph Kaczander Paid: $358.00 Closed
01/01/2015 case-t No Local Attorney Listed U.S. Northern District Court No Visiting Attorney Listed
Unknown Confirmed
04/15/2016 Case No. 15-2002-E-IRP Emmett Wade Pepper Public Service Commission Michael Christopher Soules Paid: $358.00 Closed
12/14/2021 Case 1:21-cv-00391 Kurt E. Entsminger U.S. Southern District Court Shaun Carl Southworth
Paid: $358.00 Confirmed
08/21/2020 Case 1:20-cv-00061-IMK Carrie Goodwin Fenwick U.S. Northern District Court Lisa Marie LoGiudice
Paid: $358.00 Confirmed
01/01/2015 case -test-155 No Local Attorney Listed Doddridge County Circuit Court No Visiting Attorney Listed
Unknown Confirmed
11/17/2021 C-40-2021-C-125 Troy N. Giatras Putnam County Circuit Court Samuel Jay Rosenthal
Paid: $358.00 Confirmed
03/17/2023 C-22-73 John H. Tinney Jr. Kanawha County Circuit Court Terry M. Henry
Paid: $358.00 Confirmed
02/03/2020 C-20-116 Alexander Macia Kanawha County Circuit Court Scott Andrew Stephenson
Paid: $358.00 Confirmed
03/21/2023 c-19-101 Kevin Carroll Harris Kanawha County Circuit Court Carmen A De Gisi Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/13/2018 C-17-1429 Guy R. Bucci Kanawha County Circuit Court Gaetano A. D'Andrea Paid: $358.00 Closed
09/08/2016 C-15-659 Gretchen M. Callas Raleigh County Circuit Court Alan Stuart Bean, Justin Blake Carter, Clarence James Gideon Jr. Paid: $1050.00 Closed
10/04/2021 Board of Assessment Appeals John Joseph Meadows Other Lawrence D Rosenberg
Paid: $358.00 Confirmed
01/13/2021 BK. NO. 2:20-bk-20396 David B. Hanna U.S. Southern District Bankruptcy Court Chadwick Kyle Sayre Paid: $358.00 Closed
08/03/2020 AP No. 1:20-ap-00028 Robert Stephen Pruett U.S. Northern District Bankruptcy Court Edward Everett Bagnell Jr. Paid: $358.00 Closed
02/24/2015 93-C-216 Glen A. Murphy Monongalia County Circuit Court No Visiting Attorney Listed
Unknown Closed
03/10/2015 92-C-5820 James Anthony McKowen Kanawha County Circuit Court No Visiting Attorney Listed
Unknown Closed
02/03/2016 91006 Jill Cranston Rice Other J. Alex Little Paid: $358.00 Closed
06/17/2019 888DeleteMe888 Test T. Test U.S. Southern District Court DeleteMe Testing1
Pending Confirmed
07/01/2019 87-C-4188 Tim C. Carrico Kanawha County Circuit Court Neil Garry Taylor Paid: $358.00 Closed