Pro Hac Vice Admission Case List

Posting on the Pro Hac Vice list does not signify Pro Hac Vice admission, but only that the required submission and fee have been tendered to the West Virginia State Bar. Decisions whether to grant or deny Pro Hac Vice motions are not made by The West Virginia State Bar, but by the tribunal to which the motion was submitted.

Submission Date Case Number Responsible Local Attorney Tribunal Out-of-State Lawyer Names(s) File Attachment Dismissal Order Payment Status Submission Statussort ascending
05/24/2018 18-C-97 Jonathan Richard Mani, Damon Lawrence Ellis Fayette County Circuit Court Thomas Shawn Harmon Paid: $358.00 Closed
07/10/2019 18-C-98 Patrick Charles Booth Brooke County Circuit Court Steven Daniel Cohn Esq. Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/01/2020 18-C-98 Patrick S. Casey Brooke County Circuit Court Timothy Alan Riedel Paid: $358.00 Closed
06/14/2019 18-C-982 P. Joseph Craycraft Kanawha County Circuit Court Jason Anthony Cincilla, Christopher Owen Massenburg Paid: $716.00 Closed
07/29/2020 18-C-982KAN Matthew John Doz Kanawha County Circuit Court Richard L Walker Esq. Paid: $358.00 Closed
06/21/2018 18-C465 Tammy Bowles Raines Kanawha County Circuit Court Janis E. Steck Paid: $358.00 Closed
11/17/2020 18-CA-27 Jason Alan Proctor Roane County Circuit Court M. Gary Toole Paid: $358.00 Closed
02/26/2019 18-cr-00026 Elgine H. McArdle U.S. Southern District Court Ronald W Chapman II Paid: $358.00 Closed
07/26/2019 18-cr-00026 Elgine H. McArdle U.S. Southern District Court Jonathan Scott Meltz Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/26/2019 18-cr-00055(TSK) Todd F. LaNeve U.S. Northern District Court Jeffrey Alan Chabrowe Paid: $358.00 Closed
10/30/2018 18-cv-01322 Amy C. Crossan U.S. Southern District Court Benjamin J. Wilensky, Tad T. Roumayah Paid: $716.00 Closed
03/22/2019 18-cv-184 William James O'Brien U.S. Northern District Court Yan-Xin Li Paid: $358.00 Closed
09/27/2019 18-cv-184 James F. Companion U.S. Northern District Court Samhitha Muralidhar Medatia Paid: $358.00 Closed
03/25/2022 18-cv-193 Sandra K. Law U.S. Northern District Court Anthony Howard Sheh Paid: $358.00 Closed
03/22/2019 18-cv-202 William James O'Brien U.S. Northern District Court Yan-Xin Li Paid: $358.00 Closed
02/27/2019 18-CV-256 Raj Arvind Shah Marshall County Circuit Court Howard Edgar Jarvis Esq. Paid: $358.00 Closed
04/26/2018 18-cv-29 Tiffany Raye Durst U.S. Northern District Court Jeremy T Fitzpatrick Paid: $358.00 Closed
03/22/2018 18-M02M-00363 Devon Thomas Unger Other Thomas K. Plofchan Jr. Paid: $350.00 Closed
01/22/2019 18-M11F=00045 Todd F. LaNeve Other Donald Frank Rosendorf Paid: $358.00 Closed
09/06/2018 18-OEPS-001 Kristopher Ryan Faerber Other Aaron n/a Siri Paid: $358.00 Closed
07/07/2022 18-P-25 Eric Michael Johnson, James W. Lane Jr. Kanawha County Circuit Court Robert E Maclin III Paid: $350.00 Closed
11/19/2018 18-P-411 Steven Andrew Stonestreet Kanawha County Circuit Court Sam Mitchell Slade Jr. Paid: $350.00 Closed
09/14/2018 18-p61 Gregory Rean Tingler Mineral County Circuit Court Jennifer Irene Brandi Paid: $358.00 Closed
07/07/2022 180C0119 Bryant J. Spann Boone County Circuit Court Christopher Todd Koebele Paid: $358.00 Closed
02/08/2016 187.46 David B. Hanna Public Service Commission John R Monroe Paid: $350.00 Closed