Pro Hac Vice Admission Case List

Posting on the Pro Hac Vice list does not signify Pro Hac Vice admission, but only that the required submission and fee have been tendered to the West Virginia State Bar. Decisions whether to grant or deny Pro Hac Vice motions are not made by The West Virginia State Bar, but by the tribunal to which the motion was submitted.

Submission Datesort descending Civil Action Number Responsible Local Attorney Tribunal Out-of-State Lawyer Names(s) File Attachment Dismissal Order Payment Status Submission Status
12/14/2014 00-C-5000 David B. Thomas Ohio County Circuit Court Scott Adam Chesin Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
01/01/2015 CK-24-2014-c-338 Jonathan Richard Mani Marion County Circuit Court Thomas Shawn Harmon Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
01/01/2015 14-0998 Christopher J. McCarthy Supreme Court of Appeals of WV William F. Cash III Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
01/01/2015 2:14-cv-95 U.S. Northern District Court Michael Altvater Paid: $358.00 Complete
01/01/2015 14-0671 Bradley Kent Shafer Supreme Court of Appeals of WV Raymond Baldwin Paid: $358.00 Closed
01/01/2015 14-C-503-2 Kyle Thomas Turnbull Harrison County Circuit Court Zach Chaffee-McClure Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
01/01/2015 3:13-cv-6529 U.S. Southern District Court Holly Bartuska Paid: $358.00 Complete
01/01/2015 14-C-1729 Bruce M. Jacobs Kanawha County Circuit Court Markham R Leventhal Paid: $350.00 Complete
01/01/2015 13-C-82 Nicholas P. Mooney II Marshall County Circuit Court Jeffrey Turner Esq. Paid: $358.00 Complete
01/01/2015 14-C-1053 KAN Brian A. Prim Kanawha County Circuit Court Janice J. Savinis Paid: $350.00 Complete
01/01/2015 14-C-712 KAN Beth Rauer Goodykoontz Kanawha County Circuit Court W Matthew Reber Esq. Attachment Paid: $350.00 Closed
01/06/2015 14-C-914 John Greg Goodykoontz Kanawha County Circuit Court John Doheny Esq. Attachment Paid: $350.00 Closed
01/07/2015 5:14-cv-00166 Don Christopher Parker U.S. Northern District Court Matthew J Fink, Amy Collins, Bridget Curry Attachment Paid: $1074.00 Closed
01/08/2015 14-1152-E-42T Susan J. Riggs Public Service Commission Derrick Thomas Williamson, Barry Alan Naum Attachment Paid: $716.00 Closed
01/08/2015 2:15-cv-00361 Richard Martin Wallace U.S. Southern District Court David J. Carr Esq., Paul Sweeney Esq., Justin P. Spack Esq. Attachment Paid: $1400.00 Closed
01/08/2015 2:14-cv-25242 Brian Dale Morrison U.S. Southern District Court Jacqueline Herring, Warren von Schleicher Attachment Paid: $716.00 Closed
01/12/2015 14-C-888 Alex Manuel Greenberg Kanawha County Circuit Court Eric Miller Paid: $358.00 Complete
01/14/2015 14-C-80 Daniel Ross Higginbotham Jackson County Circuit Court Steven M Loewengart Esq., Joseph Eaton Attachment Paid: $1432.00 Closed
01/15/2015 3:14-29536 Richard Wallace Weston U.S. Southern District Court Clifford Paskel Esq. Paid: $358.00 Complete
01/16/2015 14-1151-E-D Susan J. Riggs Public Service Commission Barry Alan Naum Paid: $358.00 Complete
01/19/2015 1:15-cv-00004-IMK James F. Companion U.S. Northern District Court Adam Harber Esq., David Berl, Thomas H.L. Selby Esq., Stanley E Fisher Esq. Attachment Paid: $1432.00 Closed
01/20/2015 5:14-cv-00166-JPB Jay T. McCamic U.S. Northern District Court J. Kevin Buster Esq. Attachment Paid: $358.00 Closed
01/22/2015 2:14-ap-02103 Richard D. Owen U.S. Southern District Bankruptcy Court Joseph Samuel Dowdy Paid: $358.00 Closed
01/22/2015 2:14-bk-20092 Richard D. Owen U.S. Southern District Bankruptcy Court Joseph Samuel Dowdy Paid: $358.00 Closed
01/23/2015 2:12-ap-02026 Richard D. Owen U.S. Southern District Bankruptcy Court Joseph Samuel Dowdy Paid: $350.00 Closed